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Hey guys. Oh my God. It's been so long. How have you been. You look so different. Did you lose weight. PFFT, yeah right.


So, upon browsing Twitter in a horribly depressed state, I happened to see MTV Iggy(pretty much MTV's attempt to cash in on the "Hipster" fad of today *bleh*)promoting a Korean music act that WASN'T 2NE1?! *gasp* Nope, it was a South Korean group called the KOXX(yes, I know.) The group consists of fives males[and one androgynous-looking person](which is probably where the COCKS-- I mean KOXX got their name) and they all do something different, pretty much like your typical run-of-the-mill band. There's SUNBIN, the bass player; SOORYUN, who rocks out on guitars; SARON, who plays the drums(also the girly-looking one I mentioned); SHAUN, who plays the keyboard;and then there's the leader and vocalist HYUNSONG, who looks kinda like a more....(how do I phrase this)..."feminine" version of Sunny Hill's Janghyun.

Now that you somewhat know the members, it's time to talk about their music(since I don't know when the fuq they formed or what members left or how much money they'll sell their souls to SM for to become TRAX 2.0**). On their official website, they have the music video for their single `ORIENTAL GIRL`, which was released on November 15, 2011 as a Digital Single. They've had other works, but like I said, I'm too damn depressed to look up their other pieces.

Anyways, upon clicking PLAY, before the music even starts, you get a shot of HYUNSONG wearing TRES unnecessary yellow eye shadow. I mean,...why. There's nothing edgy about this video to prompt you to have the right to wear that and be justified. Anyways, the music starts and you're slapped in the face with a generic-sounded rock intro. *YAWN BISH*. The vocals don't start until about a minute in, and right before this you're treating to seeing random sporadic shots of the band(with special guest: HYUNSONG's badly applied eye shadow)and a girl dancing. Now, when I say "dancing", I mean she twirled a few times in the same spot and did a neck roll.

HYUNSONG opens his mouth, and to my surprise, he's singing in English. And it's not mangled(like a certain rapper in YGE who's name spells "top"). However, he doesn't have the English ability of that of KEY from SHINee, or Min from Miss A. It's obvious that English isn't his first language, and it actually scares me to think about their previous English releases(if they had any). The song eventually moves out of the conventional current rock sound, and picks up a little, but I still wasn't impressed to go out and download it.

So, in short, I don't think the KOXX is really going to get anywhere in the music scene.I'm sorry. I don't.

**Upon scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page, turns out the KOXX is signed to HappyRobotRecords. k.

Singer HyunA was chosen as the idol that is most likely to still be active as a ‘dancing queen’ ten years from now in 2022.

A weekly movie magazine recently held a survey, asking readers which idol they felt would still be dancing ten years from now, much like veteran Uhm Jung Hwa in her new movie, ‘Dancing Queen‘. Singer HyunA who is currently active as a part of unit group do ‘Troublemaker‘ won with 56% of the votes.

The idea for the survey was taken from the movie in which Uhm Jung Hwa plays the role of a madam who is searching for a new life.

Behind HyunA was singer IU who came in at second place with 18% of the votes, and T-ara‘s Eunjung who came in at #3.

Personally, the entire time I read this, I just kept thinking "hyoyeon. Hyoyeon. HYOYEON!", but I guess IU is a better 'dancing queen'.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 2022 'Dancing Queen' HyunA.

Also, first post ever! :3